Guide to the Best Places to Eat and Drink in British Columbia

The expansive land of British Columbia (BC) is not just famed for its breathtaking landscapes and lush forests but also for its culinary scene, a hidden gem waiting to be explored. BC’s culinary scene is a blend of traditional indigenous foods, Asian influences, and European traditions. It’s where East meets West, where the bounty of the land meets the richness of diverse cultures.

Vancouver – Metropolitan Melting Pot

Miku – Japanese Cuisine Reimagined

Sushi and Aburi Specialties

Located at the heart of Vancouver and with a rating of 4.5 according to Tripadvisor, Miku is a testament to the evolution of Japanese cuisine in the West Coast city. With its famed sushi and Aburi specialties, Miku offers a delightful twist on classic flavours. The Aburi style, which involves lightly torching the sushi, gives it a unique flavor profile that has locals and tourists alike coming back for more.

Aburi sushi

Vij’s – Unexpected Indian Twist

Renowned for Modern Indian Cuisine

Vij’s stands out not just for its food, but also for how it has reshaped the perception of Indian cuisine. This restaurant offers a modern take, with dishes that retain their traditional essence yet feel entirely fresh and new.

Café Medina – Brunch Haven

Waffles, Lavender Lattes, and Mediterranean Influences

For those who believe brunch is a sacred weekend ritual, Café Medina is a next hotspot. Known for its delectable waffles and aromatic lavender lattes, this café also draws inspiration from Mediterranean flavors, ensuring a brunch experience unlike any other.

Kelowna – Where Flavours Bloom Among Vineyards

Poppadoms – Taste of India in the Heart of BC

Previously situated in the city renowned for its vineyards, Poppadoms  was a leading name in the Indian restaurant landscape. Known for their extensive Poppadoms menu which beautifully showcased the rich tapestry of Indian taste, this family-owned establishment was a beacon of authentic Indian food in Kelowna.

Remembering the Best Indian Restaurant in Kelowna

Among the array of Indian restaurants in Kelowna, Poppadoms held a special place. Its family-owned charm combined with the mastery of Indian cooking classes taken by the chefs ensured that traditions were deeply cherished. Poppadoms was a place where the essence of Indian cuisine Kelowna patrons love was preserved and celebrated.

Must-try Dishes and Specialties from the Papadoms Menu

Exploring the Kelowna Indian restaurant scene would be incomplete without savouring the delights of Poppadoms. From their butter chicken, a staple in Indian food enthusiasts rave about, to their flavorful biryanis and the art of making poppadoms, every dish at Poppadoms promised a gastronomic journey to India. Those who experienced the Indian buffet at Poppadoms had a taste of expansive culinary delights. Although Poppadoms has closed its doors, the legacy of its cuisine lingers in the hearts of its patrons.

Indian restaurant

Table Café – Kelowna’s Premier Vegetarian Restaurant

Situated in the heart of the city, The Table Café is renowned as a top vegetarian restaurant in Kelowna, offering a range of delectable dishes that would delight even the most discerning vegetarian palate.

Farm-to-Table Philosophy with Cooking Classes Kelowna Flair

The Table Café, a highlight in the local vegetarian scene, wholeheartedly embraces the farm-to-table ethos. By sourcing ingredients from local farmers and often integrating techniques from cooking classes Kelowna enthusiasts would be familiar with, they meticulously craft vegetarian dishes that stand out for their taste and sustainability.

Highlighting Their Sumptuous Seasonal Offerings

As you dive into the menu of this prominent vegetarian restaurant Kelowna boasts of, be sure not to miss their seasonal salads and fresh soups. Each dish beautifully reflects the best that BC’s rich farmlands have to offer, showcasing their commitment to freshness and authenticity.

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Victoria – Island’s Culinary Crown

Agrius Restaurant – Organic, Wild, and Contemporary

Modern French Cuisine Inspired by Pacific Northwest Ingredients

Agrius Restaurant perfectly melds the finesse of French cuisine with the freshness of Pacific Northwest ingredients, earning a 4.5 rating on Tripadvisor. The result is a menu that’s both familiar and surprising.

Veneto Kitchen + Bar – Cocktail Connoisseur’s Dream

Overview of Their Craft Cocktails and Tapa-style Menu

At Veneto Kitchen + Bar, the cocktails are as much a highlight as the food. Expert mixologists and a tapa-style menu make this a must-visit for those who love good food and drink in equal measure.

Whistler – Mountain Meals and More

Araxi Restaurant + Oyster Bar – Seafood Lover’s Paradise

Fresh Catches and Farm-to-Table Excellence

Nestled in the mountains of Whistler, Araxi Restaurant + Oyster Bar offers the freshest seafood, directly sourced from the Pacific. With a commitment to farm-to-table dining, every dish speaks of excellence.

Purebread – Bakery That’s Worth the Journey

Array of Pastries, Breads, and Sweet Treats

For those with a sweet tooth, Purebread is a haven. With an array of pastries, breads, and treats that change daily, it’s a journey of discovery with every visit.

Mexiacan grill and nachos

Fraser Valley – Where Farm-to-Table is a Lifestyle

Riviera Mexican Grill – Authentic Mexican in the Valley

Traditional Recipes and Dishes

Riviera Mexican Grill brings the flavors of Mexico to the Fraser Valley. Their dishes, rooted in tradition, offer a taste of authentic Mexican cuisine far from its homeland.

Oldhand Coffee – Cozy Café Culture Meets Artisanal Mastery

Known for Special Brews and Handcrafted Pastries

For those seeking a warm, cozy spot to relax and indulge, Oldhand Coffee is the place. With artisanal brews, pastries crafted with care and a 4,7 rating according to Google, it’s a taste of the Fraser Valley’s best.